Its time for River Wards Restaurant Week 2011!

Every year restaurants from all over the river wards (Kensington, Fishtown, Port Richmond, and surrounding) prepare special menus and special prices to encourage locals and visitors to try something new.  Last year was a success with eight eateries participating and may people trying foods like Pho and roasted duck for the first time, and many more still finding new places for old favorites, like the amazing burgers at Sketch.

Now its time to get ready to do it all over again, and with the new establishments that have opened in that past year, its going to be another delicious first week in October in the River Wards!

The basic idea behind our restaurant week is that we encourage proprietors to offer special prices and special foods to get folks interested and in the door.  Then, in order to make sure everyone knows about these great deals and interesting foods, we all pitch in to a joint advertising budget so that each restaurant can get exposure to the public without having to pay for a multi-thousand dollar advertising campaign that would force them to raise prices, and defeat the whole darn purpose of restaurant week!  So – heres to working together and trying out new foods and new places to eat!

Are you the proprietor of one of our area’s fine eating establishments?  If so we’d like to hear from you.  Ideas on the table (pun intended) for this year’s promotion include the possibility of a theme (got any ideas?) or fixed price multi-course menus, or maybe a focus on lunch or breakfast?

If your interested in participating, or if you’d like to share some awesome ideas that could help make restaurant week even more fun, you can email hpyatt(at)


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